NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Civics Chapter 3 Parliament and the Making of Laws

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Civics Chapter 3 Parliament and the Making of Laws contain solutions to the exercises given in the Civics book Social and Political Life. These answers have been explained in a manner that you will easily understand all the concepts and get your doubts cleared without even seeking anyone’s assistance. You can read and download all the questions and answers in PDF format.

Class 8 Civics Parliament and the Making of Laws Ncert Textbook Questions and Answers

Question 1: Why do you think our nationalist movement supported the idea that all adults have a right to vote?

Answer: Under colonial rule, people had lived in fear of the British government and did not agree with many of the decisions that they took. They were subjected to injustice and could not voice their opinions.

(i) They faced great danger if they tried to criticise the decisions of the British government.

(ii) The freedom movement changed this situation and the nationalists began to openly criticise the British government and make demands for freedom and equality.

(iii) They demanded that there be elected members in the legislature with a right to discuss the budget and ask questions.

Based on the experience of colonial rule and the participation of different people in the struggle for freedom, it was understood that all persons in independent India would be able to participate in making decisions. These ideas were included in the Constitution of independent India that laid down the principle of universal adult franchise, i.e. that all adult citizens of the country have the right to vote. That way, the citizens can participate in forming the government and they can monitor its functioning.

Hence, the nationalist movement supported the idea of universal adult franchise, so that the people can form the government and take part in its decision making processes.

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